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Survey Completed


"[Service, Timeliness, Technician, Price] Keith was prompt, helpful and efficient. He explained what he was doing, and his work was superlative. I could not be more pleased!"


By SURESH PENUMETCH on 05/09/2022

Survey Completed


"[Timeliness, Price, Technician, Service] Every young man that came to my home was pleasant, knowledgeable, timely and easy to approach. Each customer service agent that I spoke with were the same. I appreciate their concern for my emergency matter and got me on the schedule immediately. Thank You! I will share your business cards with my friends and family to recommend your business. "



Survey Completed


"[Service, Timeliness, Technician] Lawrence and Kevin were professional, efficient, and sweet with our dog—an added value :>. especially appreciated their answering my questions and leaving our sink area (they had to replace the disposal and snake the pipes) cleaner than they found it. Many thanks for the prompt and pleasant experience! "


By PATRICIA BERRY on 04/05/2022

Survey Completed


"[Service, Timeliness, Technician] Maurice was very knowledgeable about my plumbing problem. He answered my questions and showed me the source of the problem. Was very polite and helpful."


By BEVERLY HORNE on 03/23/2022

Survey Completed


"The technician observed COVID protocols, was professional, and showed that he knew how to do the job!"


By CORNELIA HOGAN on 03/17/2022

Survey Completed


"[Service, Timeliness, Technician, Price] Sante was very professional, conveyed great expertise and appears to have diagnosed and corrected the issue."


By STEPHANIE ADAMS on 02/16/2022

Survey Completed


"[Technician] If there were more stars, I'd give Lawrence 10. He was EXCELLENT!! Not only did he have a friendly, approachable demeanor, he was determined to get the job done and did so expertly when others did not even bother to attempt it. I am beyond appreciative of his time and dedication. He is definitely an asset to your company. "


By SONIA BLACK on 01/19/2022

Survey Completed


"[Service, Technician] Brian was a pleasure to have in my home. Great job, and attention to detail. Really cares about his work and leaving a customer satisfied."


By KURT STEIN on 01/11/2022 @ 5:16 PM

Survey Completed


[Service, Timeliness] "Dwayne was timely and professional. A job that initially was thought to be approximately 1hr turned into an all day tasks. He was thorough and didn't rush to finish the job although he had 2 other jobs to go to. Thank you Kathy for helping to process a new order as fast as you did so that we don't go the night without water."

By JUDITH WATT on 01/07/2021 @ EDT 7:45 PM


Survey Completed:

[Timeliness, Service, Technician] "Lawrence is very well knowledgeable, hard working, efficient, personable, and always makes sure everything is to standard and always cleans up the work area. "


By CHRISTINA LOIACONO on 12/28/2021 @ 5:52pm EST

Survey Completed:


"The technician service was very good. The notifications and follow ups were great too. Overall, I would strongly recommend TK Mechanical Services for their services."


By GAURAV SHAH on 11/01/2021 @ 4:28pm EDT

Survey Completed:


"[Service, Technician, Timeliness] Technician (Lawrence) was very knowledgeable and walked me through what he was doing as he was doing it… straight shooter diagnosed quickly and accurately. "


By ADI DANDAMUDI on 10/21/2021 @ 1:02pm EDT

Survey Completed:


"[Service, Timeliness, Technician] Fabulous!!!! Knowledgeable, friendly, courteous, responsible. He answered my questions thoroughly and respectfully. Also, the young lady who did the scheduling was spectacular!!! Thank you!!!"


By ALLAN SHIOOPAK on 09/21/2021 @ 3:54pm EDT


Survey Completed:


"[Service, Timeliness, Technician] I couldn't find the leak for weeks but techs were able to diagnose after only a few minutes. It is a simple fix with no need of costly plumbing repair.... Guys were nice, polite, and efficient ."

By MICHELE ECOCHARDT on 08/19/2021 @ 9:04am EDT


Survey Completed:


"[Service, Timeliness, Technician] TK Mechanical Services are amazing! They serviced our air conditioner which needed electrical work! We had another issue 2 weeks after the service, they did not hesitate to come back to fix the issue for us! They honored our home warranty!"

By MONICA ALEXANDER on 07/04/2021 @ 10:39am EDT

Survey Completed:


"[Service, Technician] Brian was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions and stayed until the problem was resolved, which turned out to be around 10pm since he arrived around 8pm after a long day. He was pleasant and patient with me explaining the issue and it’s resolution. I cannot say enough good things about him- he definitely deserved a raise and praise for his hard work!"

By ALICIA NESSER on 06/04/2021 @ 8:29pm EDT  


Survey Completed:

"[Service, Timeliness, Technician, Price] Dwayne was great / turned out to be a difficult & complicated job. He was fantastic , no joke . He went out to get additional supplies & brought in reinforcements to help him complete the job. I can’t tell you how impressed and happy I am with the service of your company. Kudos to Dwayne for getting the job done . I thank you Very much ."

By ALAN KUR on 05/10/2021 @ 6:55pm EDT


Survey Completed:


"[Service, Timeliness, Price, Technician] We were lucky enough to have Mike as our tech again as my wife Sharon and I view him as a friendly, competent and knowledgeable young man who diagnosed our problem IMMEDIATELY without attitude or lectures as "our problem" was simple to resolve. He called prior to his arrival as per your company policy and arrived shortly thereafter. I have no complaints regarding Micheal, T.K.Mechanical or 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty company at this time. "

By Joseph Johnson on 04/27/2021 @ 1:41pm EDT 


Survey Completed:

"[Service, Timeliness, Technician] The men who came were professional and knowledgeable. They assessed the problems and resolved most of them while at my home. The only open item is the faucet in the master bath that requires replacement. Obviously, this is an item that they need to obtain before installing. They estimated that it will be completed in about a week. Again, very pleased, so far, and looking forward to the job's completion. I will not hesitate to recommend TKMS. "


By FEDRIC BOFF on 03/23/2021 @ 2:06pm EDT


Survey Completed:


"[Timeliness, Service, Price, Technician] Michael was very courteous and obliging! I was very happy with what he did in such a little amount of time. He worked very hard and gave different solutions for each issue at hand. The sink looks great!! The toilets are as good as new ! I can anticipate the other jobs will be done superbly! Thanks "


By SARAH DENNIS on 02/23/2021 @ 4:41pm EST              


Survey Completed:  


I had a problem with my faucet that caused other problems around the house. Kevin Luke assessed the problem and explained what needed to be done. I have to say that I've never met a more professional and polite person. TK has an outstanding/skilled person working with them, and if everyone else working at TK provides the same type of excellent service, then you're in good hands.


How can we improve our service: Service was excellent.

Would recommend: Yes


By Joel Riveraon 01/21/2021 @ 11:33am

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